Coaching in English


« It's time for you to SHINE ! »


My Story

I am french and spent most of my life in France.

Prior to my new life as a coach, I worked for a recruitment company. I love to say :

« After looking for talents for my clients, I help my clients develop their own talents »

In 2011, I moved to Seattle (USA) with my family and spent 5 years in the Pacific Northwest, experiencing a new culture, a new way of thinking, new relationships, … I especially experienced that I can choose to be who I want to be. During this expatriation, I embarqued on an emotional roller coster : a cycle punctuated by euphoria, exaltation, doubts and sometimes even discouragement.

These 5 years in the US were for me, at the end, a great human adventure and a unique opportunity for personal development.


How did I become a coach ?

How did I become a coach ?


In Seattle, a friend coach gave me the desire and the motivation to embark on the great journey of coaching. I went through a coaching training certification program in english with CTI (The Co-active Training Institute), which is one of the most famous coaching training company worldwild.

Back in France in 2016, I founded my own company : All in YOU.

All the resources you need are waiting for you to be unlocked and developed. This is the whole meaning of the name I have chosen for my company "All in You".

The mission of All in You is to allow you to

  • access your resources
  • develop tour talents
  • develop your own definition of success

With All in You, you will be unshakeably supported in your journey to achieve your goals.

Your coach will be your greatest supporter, without judgment. Always with kindness, he will help you to enlarge your comfort zone so that you can shine by being the best version of yourself.

Our coaching approach, based on a privileged, personal, confidential and caring relationship, accompanies the change and is aimed at anyone who wishes to be an actor of this change.

Last but not least, my experience of expatriation has refined my sensitivity about mobility and uprooting. I offer personalized support on the topics of international mobility to foreigners expatriated in France who plan to stay or to return to their home country.

I work with individuals and for companies, one-on-one or in group, on any topic since I coach the whole person.


Our Values

Our Values

Values are a real  internal compass.

Our values guide us in the relationship we create with our clients and in our coaching. 


« Boost your talents. 


Find in you the answers to move forward 


and the resources to face your challenges. »

authenticity english   copie.png

  • Authenticity of our relationship: coach and client do not play to be someone else than themselves.
  • Authenticity of our conversations: mutual trustsincerity et simplicity
  • We create together a secure space where you have the freedom to express your thoughts and feel your emotions, a space where you can be completly yourself 

commitment english   copie.png

  • Commitment to your side in respect of who you are and your choice, in respect of our ethics and our values
  • Without commitments, your resolutions will only remain good ideas 
  • Engaging in a coaching implies courage and perseverance to surpass yourself, expand your comfort zone, consolidate your konwledge and shine by being the best of yourself 

responsability english   copie.png

  • All the necessary resources are in you
  • Independence to define your goals, identify and mobilize your talents, to find your own answers to your questions  
  • All in You gives you support and encouragements at every stage of your journey 

pleasure english   copie.png

  • Pleasure of getting together, pleasure of discussing, plesaure of listening
  • Plesaure of the discovery, pleasure of the transformation going on, pleasure of the energie, pleasure of feeling connected
  • Pleasure of fulfillment, balance,  progress, action, success, shine